Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A quick update I mean.
My Dr. of six years that I had an appointment with in March, called and cancelled that appointment. I rescheduled it for April. That was as soon as I could get another appt. When I arrived at the office I was told my Dr. had retired, and I would be seeing one of his colleagues. Really?!? I have mixed feelings about this new guy. He seems knowledgeable enough, but I'm not sure were getting each other on a personal level. He doesn't seem to understand that I am interested in my health and want to be thoroughly apprised about every aspect of it. I don't like just being told to do something and not told why. I am not a child, I don't need to be lead. I need to be informed, and then we need to make decisions together about treating my issues. The gist of the appointment was some of my medication was stopped, and a new one was started. I still haven't received a satisfactory explanation as to why.
Fast forward to today. I had a follow-up with the new Doc to check on the new med. It's working, but not to the level it should be, so increase the dose. On the up side, I lost nine pounds in the three weeks between those appointments! I haven't been walking because my weight causes pain in my knees. I have however been cutting back on carbs. I'm calling it my half diet. It's not really a whole diet, because I still eat everything I have been before, however, I only eat half as much. It's so simple. Whatever I used to eat, just eat half. As soon as my weight gets down to where I can walk without my knees giving me the finger, I will pick that back up again as well. So, yeah me, 61 pounds to go!